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Meaningful learning in a vigorously animate and conducive setting. The early childhood education curriculum of Saida’s Little People is based on multiple grounds and theories of child development through century-age of research and study.

Individual Differences and Multiple Intelligences – 21st Century ECE

No two individuals are unique. Each child has different needs, different approaches to learning, and has different interests. Understanding this, we have imbibed diversity in the curriculum by exposing children to multiple experiences that allow them to choose among stimuli, manage their own thinking, and learn in their own unique ways. While one child learns best by reading, another may learn more by experimenting. When you teach with one style to favor only one interest, the unfavored child may not learn as best as the interested child, and so creates the gap between learners and the barrier to the development of their innate capabilities. So, we strive to make each classroom a fun pale where learning is centered on children and their interests and not singularly on the subject itself.

The General Features of Saida’s Little People’s Curriculum.

  • Hands-on Approach based on John Dewey’s Learning By Doing
  • Spiral Curriculum, increasing levels of difficulty in curriculum content against developmental criteria by Jerome S. Bruner
  • Developmentally-appropriate activities anchored on Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory
  • Performance-Based Assessments

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