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Infant Program

woman and child reading a bookTaking care of an infant is both exciting and intimidating at the same time, especially for first time parents. So if you need professional help and guidance in assuring that your baby receives proper care, you can always trust Saida’s Little People to be with you. Throughout the years of service, we have built a reputation in reliability and trustworthiness when it comes to safe child care. When with us, your child receives whole day monitoring with trained and certified babysitters around to oversee their welfare while you peacefully attend to your inevitable work responsibilities or other equally important necessities.

We can provide everything your child needs from feeding to diapering. Upon admission, we encourage you to communicate with us your conditions and notes e.g. feeding schedule, peculiar baby behavior and how to deal with them based on your experiences, etc. You also have to leave us some required materials such as baby creams, pads, and powders, and must comply to the center’s rules.

We take care of infants from 6 weeks to 18 months old. To learn more about our Infant Program, please head over to our Programs page or contact us at 512-419-1898.